At Christmas, The Kids Want A Smartphone!

At Christmas, The Kids Want A Smartphone!

You might not want to think about that list for Santa just yet, but believe us when we say it’s never too early for the kids! After all, a child’s year is divided up according to Christmas, birthday, Easter and those amazingly long summer holidays. Before you know it, the lazy summer days are over and they’re back at school, with nothing to think about except a certain jolly, bearded man dressed in red. Perhaps you’ll spot him lazing under a parasol on a sunny beach somewhere, preparing himself for all the hard work to come. If you do happen to bump into him, make sure you’ve already got an idea of what to ask him for!

Barbie doll, construction kit, cuddly toy? Nah, not good enough. According to a survey conducted by the Nielsen agency in the United States, some of the items most desired by children between the ages of 6 and 12 are Apple products and devices from other brands, similar to iPads, iPods and iPhones.

The trend doesn’t appear to be exclusive to the USA but rather a global phenomenon. In (Italy), children begin wanting smartphones when they are in primary school. Parents who don’t succumb to their wishes straight away, run the risk of having very angry teens on their hands later on! However, information gleaned from research conducted by WHO (World Health Organization), warns against the use of mobile phones and the harmful effects of radiation and microwaves on our body. So, if you do decide to buy, teach children how to use their devices in moderation and preferably on speakerphone or with a headset!

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