Moshel Ronen , CEO of MyFirstApp

Why did you choose to develop apps for children?

We started developing applications for small children immediately after Apple launched the first iPad. It all started because we believe that these new touch devices would lead to a real revolution. We immediately thought that it would open new horizons to the world of younger children, enabling them to acquire new cognitive and motor skills by playing with educational and interactive apps.

What features are essential when building an app for kids?

First of all, the content must be suitable to the age group that the app states. There also should be no advertising within any applications developed for children. And last, features such as shopping or social-network may be available but MUST be protected so that children cannot access it by mistake.

Is there a code of conduct or guidelines on how to develop apps for children?

Our main guideline is this, keep the app as simple as possible. We believe that applications made for the little ones should be very easy to play. Children must immediately be able to understand the rules of the game and should be able to play without the help of adults. We put a lot of attention into the aspect of teaching and into the difficulty of the content of the games. We make sure even the very design of our apps have graphical elements that are more suited to children. We develop all the movements of the images in a workmanlike manner and pay special attention to animations and sounds, of course depending on the age of the children.

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