A Wearable Mobile Phone For Kids…

A Wearable Mobile Phone For Kids…

As parents, child safety is paramount and we are always looking for new tech that can help us keep our children safe when out and about. We were so excited when we heard about this new wearable mobile phone for children we just had to share.

Tinitell is the brain child of two dads from Stockholm, who wanted their children to play safely outside but still be contactable. After privately raising funding for this venture via ‘Kickstarter’, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects, they are now taking orders.

This device is so simple yet the features it has are exactly what parents are looking for.  It enables children to communicate with their parents at the simple touch of a button and also allows parents to contact their child.  Importantly it is durable, easy to wear and easy to use. The best bit is that it has a built in GPS tracker that enables parents to see the location of their child on the Tinitell smartphone app.

Tinitell founder, Mats Horn says that the aim was to create “Nothing advanced, just a nicely designed speaker and microphone to handle quick ‘hellos’ and ‘come here’ signals.”

Key Features include:

–       Long life battery (1 week on standby, 1 hour talk time)

–       Able to use in every country (except N. Korea, S. Korea and Japan)

–       GPS Tracker to view your child’s location via the smartphone app

–       Water and sand resistant

–       Voice recognition to initiate dialling programmed numbers

–       Ability to pre-programme telephone numbers

–       Contact list to store more than one telephone number


We can’t wait for the world’s smallest smartphone to hit the shelves next year!

For more information see http://www.tinitell.com/


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