The LeapBand: A Cross Between a Fitness Toy And A Tamagotchi!

The LeapBand: A Cross Between a Fitness Toy And A Tamagotchi!

We all know that it is essential that kids are active, but it seems that in this digital age, they aren’t as active as they could be. Tech is too often blamed for our kids lack of activity and it’s great to see a tech toy being employed to combat this.

We all love LeapFrog products, LeapFrog are masters at creating toys that are both educational and fun all at the same time. Their recently unveiled LeapBand product is no different, it’s a device designed for kids aged 4-7 that gives them an array of activities and games to keep them moving. Think of it like a cross between a fitness toy and a Tamagotchi!

Perfect for parents who are concerned about their kids having too much screen time, the LeapBand gives your child fun instructions such as “leap like a frog” or “swim like a fish”.  Each time your child completes an activity they earn points and this shows as an increase in their energy bar. Parents will also be able to track the child’s activity progress on the software that accompanies the band. LeapBand also has a selection of customisable pets that your child can choose from, and as they earn points they are able to unlock additional pets.


  • Encourages Kids to be active
  • Durable, waterproof and water resistant.
  • Eventually there will be additional games added that you can download
  • Parental lock to stop use after bedtime
  • Customisable characters


  • Slightly bulky
  • Games could be more engaging
  • No GPS to track activity accurately
  • Sound is quite loud
  • Buckle strap on watch is difficult for young kids to put on

Overall we are very impressed with this digital toy and think that anything that gets the kids of the couch and up and about moving is a positive thing!

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