It’s Official…Under 7’s More Tech Savvy Than Adults!

It’s Official…Under 7’s More Tech Savvy Than Adults!

It’s official…children under 7 have more digital skills and knowledge than adults aged between 45-49!

A recent study by Ofcom measured the confidence and knowledge of communications technology to calculate an individual’s ‘Digital Quotient’ score. It found that the children between six and seven years scored 98%, this was 2% higher than the group of adults aged  between 45 and 49 years old (96%). The best performing group was teenagers aged between 14-15.

The digital world is changing the way we communicate, for example children aged 12-15 are turning away from talking on the telephone and Just 3% of their communications time is spent making voice calls, while the majority (94%) is text based.

The study also discovered a group of ‘digital natives’ who are able to use a tablet before they can even tie their shoes.According to Ofcom researcher Jane Rumble ‘They are developing communication habits totally different from other generations, even compared to boys between 16 and 24 years who also grew up in the technology’.

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