Tips For A Stress Free School Run!

Tips For A Stress Free School Run!

Ahh…the chaos of the school run! Having to get everyone dressed, fed and out of the house is a challenge that can turn even the calmest of parents into a ranting mess. Throw into the mix an uncooperative toddler on a go-slow and a 5-year-old who wants to eat his breakfast one flake at a time and the party really gets started.

Here are some of our top tips for surviving the school run and potentially making it a little less stressful for everyone!

1. Breathe: Try to understand that small kids don’t get the concept of time in the same way as we do. When you feel your voice raising and the pressure building, stop and breathe. Becoming more stressed and pressuring your child isn’t going to get you to where you need to be any quicker and it certainly won’t help your young child to move any faster that’s for sure.

2. Organisation: Make sure that every day when your kids come home from school, they put their shoes, coats and bags in a designated area. 9 times out of 10 its looking for these lost items that can cause the most stress in the mornings. Get this sorted and your half way there!

3. Time Management: Multitasking breakfast whilst getting yourself and little ones ready is a recipe for disaster. I suggest you get yourself ready before even attempting to help anyone else. Wake up with enough time to get yourself ready first, if you can do this before the kids are even awake, then even better. Something as simple as having a peaceful shower without the bickering and tantrums in the background can almost feel like you’ve had a mini spa break. It will leave you in a clearer and calmer state of mind, ready for the rest of the day.

4. Plan, plan and plan: Or at least have a backup plan! Keep a hair brush, hair bands and lifesaving baby wipes in the car or bag for any last-minute grooming that you run out of time for. The remains of breakfast and toothpaste around the face are always a popular one in our house.

5. Essentials: Prepare your bag the night before with your keys and wallet. Put it near the door so you never have to run around like a headless chicken looking for these. I guarantee that if you do, your kids will wander off to do something totally unrelated and unhelpful and total chaos will ensue.

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