January Motivation!

January Motivation!

Seeing as we’re nearly at the end of January, using Christmas as an excuse for laziness is starting to wear extremely thin! It’s easy for motivation to slip especially in January and this blip in energy doesn’t just affect us working adults but our children as well. We can all get easily accustomed to a routine especially when it involves watching TV all day and eating Christmas chocolate for breakfast! The holidays are a wonderful time to indulge and make great memories but when January hits it’s time to get back into a routine and make the most of the New Year.

We all know how difficult kids can be to reason with at the best of times so when reality rears its head in the New Year it can pose a massive challenge to not only motivate them but you as well! So with that in mind here are some motivational tips for the new school term.

1. Plan: Sleep is a crucial part of children having a productive day at school and the key to children getting a great sleep the first night before a new term is planning. Gradually reduce your child’s bedtime the week before, so an early night isn’t a shock after 6 weeks of relaxed bed times. Allowing your child to choose their lunch or outfit for the next day will give them something to look forward to and start to settle into a routine

2. Take an interest: Taking an active interest in what your children do shows them that what they do is important. Make sure homework is completed in a certain amount of time and if possible that there’s a quiet homework friendly area available. Keep distractions to a minimum and praise their efforts. These may all seem pretty basic steps but will go a long way to a successful piece of work.

3. Look to the future: Plan an exciting event a week that your child can look forward to and make it clear that this will only happen if their behaviour has been good all week. This will act as motivation for good behaviour and a reminder of the potential bad consequences that could result in them losing their reward.

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