Pet Therapy

Pet Therapy

Children can suffer with anxiety just like adults, though the reasons for the anxiety may be very different the feeling aren’t and they can be just as daunting whether you are 5 or 35 years old. Luckily there are lots of techniques and ways to combat these negative feelings.

To combat anxiety in children few things are as effective as the presence of an animal in the house, especially a dog. Children have the ability to become very close to dogs. Anyone who had a dog in their home as a child will know how rewarding and strong their friendship can be. If they are lucky enough to live a long life they will be your lifelong loyal friend. A relationship with a dog is greatly beneficial for the welfare and health of a child. An animal in the house can also have great health benefits. Many studies in recent years have shown lower rates of asthma and allergies in the house when there is an animal, and according to a new study conducted at Bassett Medical Center in New York it has been proven that children with a dog have reduced anxiety levels. The research was conducted over a period of 18 months on 643 children, aged between 4 and 10 years, and it was found that only 12% among those living with a dog had anxiety disorders, a figure of far lower than the 21% of other children. The Scientists who conducted the study also interestingly found that animal interaction may be just as important for a healthy mind as human interaction is for children aged 7-8. Dogs are not only a source of comfort for children but children also feel assured that their four-legged friend will never leave or betray them. Dogs can be very effective in emotional development for children as they have the ability to follow signals of human communication. There are a few significant differences in terms of dog owners and non-dog owners in terms of anxiety, separation anxiety, social anxiety and shyness were all shown to be reduced with dog owners.

What better reason could you want to enrich your and your children’s lives with a new furry friend! We’d love to hear about your experiences with owning dogs past and present.

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