First Two Then Blue Interview

First Two Then Blue Interview

Last week KidzInMind caught up with the lovely Laura who runs her blog First Two Then Blue about family life with her three young children. With so many conflicting opinions around kids using technology the online world can feel like a minefield for parents with young children. With this in mind we asked Laura some questions about her attitude towards the time her children spend online.


How do you think technology benefits your kids?

At the moment technology seems to be a huge benefit to my older children aged 8 and 5. My older daughter struggles with maths homework as she simply finds it boring! However she is happy to go online and play maths games on a children’s education website. There are also a lot of learning apps to help with maths and phonics, I think these are great for school aged children. I don’t find it necessary for my 2 year old to play on apps, but I don’t see any harm in him playing on an app on a long car journey or for 10 mins or so during the day.


What advice would you give other less tech savvy mothers?

I would advise mothers to purchase some simple and easy to use apps. KidzInMind would be the perfect app for someone starting to use apps with their children as its so easy to use. My trick is to learn what I’m doing myself before letting my kids have a go! It’s impossible to learn while your kids are asking hundreds on questions, unless they are super patient kids!

Which games are you children’s favourite on the KIM app?

My girls love the camera feature on this app, they love taking pictures of themselves and making them look funny! They never get bored with it.

What’s your favourite feature on the KIM app?

I like the painting app best. I have done this with my 2 year old a lot, I like to write his name and show him, I’m hoping he will start to recognise his name if I do this enough.

Do you think there’s an ideal online offline balance for children?

I don’t like my children to spend too much time online, specially as they are so young. When they get older they will want to spend more time using apps or the Internet. Right now I think 2-3 times a week, and only 20 minutes each time is enough for them, and they seem satisfied with that.


You can find more of Laura on her Blog and Twitter page.




We’d love to know what you think of the interview and your experiences with technology and your children.

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