Be a Bookworm

Be a Bookworm

Literacy is defined as the combination of reading, writing, speaking and listening skills. It is essential to our happiness, health and well-being and not to mention future job prospects. But shockingly in the UK today:

• At least seven million adults are functionally illiterate (annual United

Nations survey)

• One in six people have a literacy level below that expected of an 11-year old

• 16% of 11-year-olds don’t achieve the expected levels for reading

• 25% of 11-year-olds don’t achieve the expected levels for writing.

Literacy is something many of us may take for granted, but for the 1 in 6 children that struggle to read and write the implications could be very serious. Far from only being essential skills you need to successfully navigate life reading and writing can have countless benefits including reducing stress, refining brain function and understanding others.

So next time your little one gets bored with reading or stops writing their story half way through why not try these techniques.

• Encourage your child to join a children’s book club, the promise of meeting up with friends and social activity should motivate them to want to go!

• Encourage your child to have their own free choice of reading material and discover what they are into.

• Encourage free discovery, e.g. trips to the local library, creative writing workshops.

Whatever you do to try to motivate your children remember fun, freedom of choice and yes occasionally rewards for great work are all key to success.

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