Play Together!

Play Together!

At KidzInMind we think one of the most important things about using our app is to be present in the moment playing with your child. Interacting and helping your child pass a level on a game is going to be much more beneficial than leaving them to struggle on their own! Ask questions, show interest and give suggestions, you’ll be shocked how much their attitude to learning changes. In short, all things that can help your children learn will transform the game experience into an opportunity for growth.

Virtual to Reality: Playing with your child also means thinking in a different way to prolong the child’s experience beyond the screen. For example, if the virtual game requires the division of objects into different categories, you could role play this game in the real world. For example your child could help to divide the clothes for washing. In this way, the experience on screen is put to use and acted out in real life.

Big and Small: Involve children in your everyday online activities (online shopping, checking the weather forecast, road routes) This can be great to develop their know-how online. These activities are also great opportunities to talk about the world around us, thus developing their general culture and using skills learn’t on the KidzInMind app.

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