Screen Overload

Screen Overload

Some of our daily habits can be dangerous, for us, for others and especially for our children. For example take the obsessive use of smartphones and other technology. Nearly all of us are guilty of spending too much time glued to our phones but could this be harming our children? Surely it can’t jeopardise their health?

With teen smartphone ownership set to hit 75% this year, it seems like this trend is showing no signs of slowing down.

Yet according to a recent study in the UK at the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health at least one out of four parents admit to being distracted to the point of not knowing what’s going on outside their screen. The word ‘Zmombies’ has even been coined from the situation illustrating how mothers and indeed many other smart phone users walk with their eyes fixated on the screen.

Dr. Chodarhi, who coordinated the studies explained: “Accidents happen mostly when we are distracted by our phones” and he gives the example of a child who gets burned by drinking a hot drink too fast or even ingesting detergent while, perhaps, Mum or Dad are busy replying to a message. The study, presented at the Child Safety Week, also highlights another alarming fact: parents are constantly attracted to their phone; they check it repeatedly and never lose sight of. At least 85% of parents confessed that when they hear the ringing or vibration of a text they immediately check their phone. A disturbing fact when you consider that just in Britain phone related accidents are in second place in the ranking of causes of infant death. Surely this is enough to be a bit more careful and to at least avoid crossing the road while staring at the screen.

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