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Good app. Now my kids are safe when they steal my tablet.

Cristian Moreno

Finally! Must have app for toddlers!

Drew French

I think this game is great for our little one. My kids loved it.

Adolfo Pineda

Screen Overload

Fr, 15 Jul 2016 17:09

Screen Overload

Some of our daily habits can be dangerous, for us, for others and especially for our children. For example take the obsessive use of smartphones and other technology. Nearly all of us are guilty of spending too much time glued to our phones but could this be harming our children? Surely it can’t jeopardise their health? With teen smartphone owner...

Creative Play

Fr, 03 Jun 2016 16:58

Creative Play

There are so many benefits that getting creative can have for kids, ranging from problem solving, concentration and even maths skills. These benefits go without even mentioning that these activities are a great distraction when toddler tantrums decide to appear. Whether its colouring, painting or drawing your little one is into, there are certain p...

Dates for the Diary

Fr, 13 Mai 2016 17:02

Dates for the Diary

Summer is here! Well nearly. If your calendar is already booked up for June and July don’t fear as we have found some great events for you and your family to enjoy in August and September. Notting Hill Carnival (Aug 30th) Before the mayhem and hard partying of Monday, Notting hill Carnival offers a ‘Family Day’ on Sunday. Sunday offers a more...